Friday, December 31, 2010

Vesuvius Irruption

Bye 2010, a year of colossal theft made from Indian exchequers. Inflation touched to 14.44%, the highest ever in last 10 weeks. Which will be much higher as the rise of diesel and LPG price is knocking at the door.  Subsidy on fertilizer minimised and freight charge on the same has increased. Deceitful propaganda to control price rise making us bewildered with a hope that India is going to be a superpower. Media is highlighting the news of visit of foreign leaders, speculating to attain permanent membership in UN. On the contrary the Supreme Court slammed the government for rotting of million tons of food grains for lack of proper public distribution system. People of Bharat are being sandwiched in various political ideology and lagging behind to raise the voice of protest against hunger and discrimination. Hence, amusement channels comes in rescue of the authority be engaging the ‘aam-admi’ in TV serials.  The time has come to be cautious before the anger will ooze out as a Vesuvius irruption. 

Thursday, December 30, 2010


At last the cat comes out of bag.  After a 3days long confusion comes to an end after the meaningful statement made by the Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee which confirms the existence of the letter of  Home Minister written to the Chief Minister of W.B and the said letter reaches to Writers’ Building on the very next day.  It is shameful that to keep his ally happy the Congress laid government has thrown up all constitutional decorum and acted as a political party.  It is clear to say that the purpose of the LETTER is more political rather than official as the context given to the press beforehand. If there is ample proof that the Joint Force is acting under the guidance of a political party, it is a failure of the Commanding Officers of the Central Forces who are deployed to curb the violent activities of the Maoist as they are under direct control of the Home Ministry. It is an ugly political game plan of the Central Government which had been played earlier by giving patronage to separatist viz. Vindrenwala, Lan Denga etc.        

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


debdeb05: HARMAD VAHINI: "Home Minister on his capacity announced the existence of a political organisation ‘HARMAD BAHINI’ (i.e. arm mercenaries of Portugal pirates ..."


Home Minister on his capacity announced the existence of a political organisation ‘HARMAD BAHINI’ (i.e. arm mercenaries of Portugal pirates in the 19th.Century) in West Bengal. He also made it clear that this ‘bahini/vahini’ is consists of the members and followers of a recognised national political party of India, CPI(M). So, logically the elected Chief Minister of W.B. is also a ‘HARMAD’ as he politically belongs to CPI(M). As of now, ‘the buck stops at his chair’. Let him proof when such ‘Vahini’ was formed, the office-bearers and their agenda.  Whether it is a frontal organisation of CPI(M) or the members of the CPI(M) politburo have dual membership.  Why for a long time the Central Forces are operating under the guidance of that Vahini and protecting them from a ‘cluster’ who seems to be a major threat for rest of the country but an ally  of his party. Lastly, as a Home Minister of India, not as an ally of the so called ‘cluster’, he should know that he has no right to rename a political party, recognised by the Election Commission. Let the CPI(M) decide whether they will approach to the E.C. for alteration and instructed to all his party cadres and followers to take in the title ‘Harmad’ being a regimented party.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Empowered Committee’

What is called for ‘Empowered Committee’? What much more such committee can do when the so called Government of “Aam Admi” headed by an Ex-Governor of RBI, ex-office bearer of World Bank & renowned economist, an Economist Home Minister from Hayward University and a capable F.M with vast experience failed to provide minimum relief to the people from the price hike of essential commodities and food grain? On the other hand the projected future P.M. of this country and the heart throb of the INC dedicating himself for the cause of ‘aam-admi’, travelling on local train, spending night at village and such related gesture to promote his party and at the same time to pave his way towards the thrown. So far no Government has faced such number of financial scams. Price index is rising day by day. Wealth of certain houses is going to touch Mt.Everst. Agony of ‘aam-admi’ is greater than ever. The only achievement of this Government that it has succeeded the pass the ‘Nuclear Bill’ in the Parliament as a desired by his ‘all mighty god’.     

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I feel pity to our Hon'ble P.M. Dr. Manmohan Singh, a renowned economist.  At last he has to intervene to check rising price of onion as his cabinet college shaded his responsibility by a mere statement that the price of onion would be under control only after 2/3 weeks & the Govt. has no policy to import the same.  How the Govt. slashed the export price of onion in November'10, knowing fully well that the production of onion will be hampered to some extent due to rain! Shall the Govt. explain why the country will loose the revenue by withdrawing customs duty on onion for their wrong policy?  Then it cab be argued that the Govt. can easily reduce the custom duty on Crude Oil to minimise the price of Petroleum.  It is deemed that the Govt. has no compulsion to give relief to "Aam-Admi" rather to shout as a political slogan.  Now it is clear to say that P.M. has no control over his colleges of alliance and even his party as only after some scam or cissies he comes to the surface to control the damage

Thursday, September 23, 2010



So constitutionally INDIA has no religious resemblance.

"Every person in India shall have the freedom of conscience and shall have the right to Profess, practice and propagate religion, subject to public order."

So, religious manifestation is one of the fundamental rights to every Indians.

In the eye of the constitution of India, the state does not discriminate the people representatives (MP/MLA) with a common people (Aam Admi).  But before assuming office, they take oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and law of  INDIA (Secular).  At the time they have every right to "Profess, practice and propagate religion'  and perform their own religious rituals according to their belief  if desired as a political personality.,  But it a common phenomena that most of our MP,MLA and ministers (who has takenoath of office in the name of Constitution) visit religious places, seek blessings of religious gurus and attend religious programme.  Are they not violating the constitutional oath? It is a real fix to me.

The dilemma is India is a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR   DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC  but the major people representatives don't bother to exhibit their religious mockery for grabbing votes of different religious community.

To day I received a SMS from a 10 years girl - "Who ar, Hindu or Muslim?  When there is 'Ali' in DiwALI & 'Ram" in RAMzan.  Help INDIA  is being UNITED."

Friday, September 17, 2010


Date of proposed extention of metro service upto Garia Stn. has been announced by the authority without increasing the number of recks.  Once 'metro' was the proud of Kolkata. Now, travel by 'metro' is a horrible experience.  Most of the entry/exit gates are in-operative, trains are running behind schedule as well as poor maintenance of coaches and tracks are the common featurers of 'metro'.
Extensiuon of metro routes in and arround Kolkata is quite justified. But at the same time public openion must be build up for better service of the existing metro route.  Otherwise, commuters of metro railway may be the victim of massive digester.