Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Home Minister on his capacity announced the existence of a political organisation ‘HARMAD BAHINI’ (i.e. arm mercenaries of Portugal pirates in the 19th.Century) in West Bengal. He also made it clear that this ‘bahini/vahini’ is consists of the members and followers of a recognised national political party of India, CPI(M). So, logically the elected Chief Minister of W.B. is also a ‘HARMAD’ as he politically belongs to CPI(M). As of now, ‘the buck stops at his chair’. Let him proof when such ‘Vahini’ was formed, the office-bearers and their agenda.  Whether it is a frontal organisation of CPI(M) or the members of the CPI(M) politburo have dual membership.  Why for a long time the Central Forces are operating under the guidance of that Vahini and protecting them from a ‘cluster’ who seems to be a major threat for rest of the country but an ally  of his party. Lastly, as a Home Minister of India, not as an ally of the so called ‘cluster’, he should know that he has no right to rename a political party, recognised by the Election Commission. Let the CPI(M) decide whether they will approach to the E.C. for alteration and instructed to all his party cadres and followers to take in the title ‘Harmad’ being a regimented party.

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  1. "HARMAD BAHINI" is a "B" team of CPI(M). CPI(M) operates in City, Town, Urban & Village areas. But Harmad's are operating in Jungle areas (Forest)as the people in jungle do not know English, Bengali or Hindi or Urdu language to understand the lectures of so called Civil Society people (Buddhi Jibi), they do not know the art of painiting, the do not know the art of criminilsation of Politics. What they know kill animals and eat. So to have a control over them "Harmad Practice" is required.They will kill the animals (Maoist) and eat them to end So that this activities do not raise their head further. After the Assembly Election in 2011, this Harmad Bahini will enter the City, Town villages to eat the animals for constructing a clean, Transperant affectionate Civil Society where there will be no discrimination, hunger, Revange and Killings amongst the animals of the Society. Since the Man is a Social Animal.