Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Empowered Committee’

What is called for ‘Empowered Committee’? What much more such committee can do when the so called Government of “Aam Admi” headed by an Ex-Governor of RBI, ex-office bearer of World Bank & renowned economist, an Economist Home Minister from Hayward University and a capable F.M with vast experience failed to provide minimum relief to the people from the price hike of essential commodities and food grain? On the other hand the projected future P.M. of this country and the heart throb of the INC dedicating himself for the cause of ‘aam-admi’, travelling on local train, spending night at village and such related gesture to promote his party and at the same time to pave his way towards the thrown. So far no Government has faced such number of financial scams. Price index is rising day by day. Wealth of certain houses is going to touch Mt.Everst. Agony of ‘aam-admi’ is greater than ever. The only achievement of this Government that it has succeeded the pass the ‘Nuclear Bill’ in the Parliament as a desired by his ‘all mighty god’.     

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