Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I feel pity to our Hon'ble P.M. Dr. Manmohan Singh, a renowned economist.  At last he has to intervene to check rising price of onion as his cabinet college shaded his responsibility by a mere statement that the price of onion would be under control only after 2/3 weeks & the Govt. has no policy to import the same.  How the Govt. slashed the export price of onion in November'10, knowing fully well that the production of onion will be hampered to some extent due to rain! Shall the Govt. explain why the country will loose the revenue by withdrawing customs duty on onion for their wrong policy?  Then it cab be argued that the Govt. can easily reduce the custom duty on Crude Oil to minimise the price of Petroleum.  It is deemed that the Govt. has no compulsion to give relief to "Aam-Admi" rather to shout as a political slogan.  Now it is clear to say that P.M. has no control over his colleges of alliance and even his party as only after some scam or cissies he comes to the surface to control the damage

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