Friday, January 7, 2011


The latest heinous inclusion of power politics in W.B. is to exhibit ‘DEAD BODIES’ on the streets of Kolkata to gain political mileage.  The party which is organising such rally claims to be come in power within a very short time to rule W.B.
So far we were accustomed to see rather participate the last journey of the political leaders and icons of the society and pay respect to the departed soul.    
Recent past there was a rally by the student organisation of the ruling party with the dead body of a member, brutally murdered by some antisocials of the opposition, as claimed. The death of that student and fatal injury of eye of another student in connection with college election was condemned by cross section of people and media. Even the Governor of W.B. expressed his concern over the incident. But it is controversial whether it was necessary to organise such a rally.    
The think tank of the main opposition party took this opportunity for increasing their vote bank as their belief.  Now-a-days ‘dead body’ is too cheap in W.B. If the renowned economists could calculate the cost of a ‘dead body’ and recommend for inclusion in the price index, the inflation may be checked.  So, with the helm of a Central Minister easily a ‘dead body’ was captured from Purulia Dist. and displayed on the streets of Kolkata just after the first rally. The ‘CALCATIANS’ saw the dead-body of a poor ‘adivasi’ , the picture of those they viewed in the news papers and T.V. The satisfied moderators of the rally must have counted the number of votes increased from the rally and went to their business.  The body of the poor fellow left behind half a way to his village for decomposition as that was not worth full for any gain. Ironically last of all we came to know that the poor fellow was not even any connection with the party who covered his faces rather identity with their party flag.  Luck of the second ‘dead-body’ was better than the first as he could not be captured by that party as strongly resisted by his family members and villagers. But in the third attempt they could manage three dead-bodies at a time claimed to be their party men.  After the successful rally they will be happy as the number of votes will be thrice than the first.  But alas, this time also, their small ally in W.B. and big brother in the Central claims for two bodies of their own. Incidentally, the fact of those ‘dead-bodies’ will be same as the first one. However, after all, the ‘CALCATIANS’ will be grateful to them for the great show of cruelty, utilising a ‘dead-man’ for political gain. 
The intellects behind the political ideology of the main opposition party should know that this is not the way to influence the people of Bengal.  Where is their political agenda to fight against price hike and colossal theft of public money by some of their colleges in power?   The dearth of political ideology comes into light when they organise proto type programme of the ruling party and even by chasing the venue.  Their every day activity is taking into account. Apart from their followers, intellectuals, media persons and foreign emissaries, there are a decisive number of voters who are not ally of the ruling party and helped them to gain in the last elections.  They wanted to give a lesion to the ruling party by defeating them.  This time they may be cautious before casting their vote.  

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


MA- MATI- MANUS (i.e.- MOTHER-LAND-MAN) Title of a popular play.
(Slogan of TMC)
Recent slogan of CPI-M.

Although hypothetical, these two slogans are to be the main focal point of the forthcoming election in W.B.

If we derive the two slogans, we can see two words ‘MA’ & ’MANUS’ which are animate rest of all are inanimate. Interestingly the presence of the common word ‘MANUS’ in both slogans. The word ‘MA’ in the first slogan pretends to draw some physiological attachment to stimulate the vote bank. 

Now, easily we can formulate a new slogan:- MATI-KRISHI-SHILPA & MANUS
i.e.(LAND-AGRICULTURE-INDUSTRY & MAN). In this way there is no controversy in two different political ideologies fighting loggerhead.    Both of them are committed for the cause of man (people of W.B) and to win the election for executing their ideology.  It is admitted that the TMC has benefited in the past elections by chanting their slogan.  But the efficacy of the slogans ends to land. In continuation, the second slogan includes agriculture & industry. Thus the impulse should be proper use of land for both the purposes of agriculture & industry for better livelihood of MANUS (MAN).

Both agriculture and industry is based on land.  It is not prudent to say that in any case fertile land could not be used for basic & large industry. If that was the view, no large industry could be established in the fertile land of Burdwan at the era of Dr. B.C.Roy.  On the contrary man is being used as ‘pawn’ to secure the ‘land of power’ by nourishing the sentiment of land which is synonymous to ‘MOTHER’ of a peasant. Impact of ‘total intolerance’ makes an adverse effect on the society. Ruthless eagerness of grabbing power is patronising criminal forces under the mask of so-called political ideology and at the same time work together on contractual agreement.  Where is the human face of the slogan? Every day man is being killed, even mother is not spared. Every effort is being made to stop the work of development –though it is scanty in nature.  Land is acquiring for industries and railway to make the ‘man’ landless and at the same time stopping the project and vanishing the prospect of creating jobs into blue. Unfortunately, all the parties of different ideology, pretend to work for ‘man’, believe such slogan will pave there way towards the door of power.     

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It is a big question at present whether any industrial house will dare to invest in W.B. in the present scenario of political turmoil. The ruthless opposition to grab political power won’t come to an end unless people mandate comes. The deceitful promises made by the main opposition party already started to jeopardise the projects of railway on acquisition of lands and compensation packages. Till date the new land acquisition bill couldn’t tabled in Lok Sabha for getting mileage in election.  On the contrary, by implementing Spl. Land Acquisition Act of I.R. the Rly. Authority with the approval of the Minister hurried up served notice to acquire vast land irrespective of its nature and without fixing the rate of compensation before election. Let us hope for the best and wait for the people’s verdict.