Friday, December 31, 2010

Vesuvius Irruption

Bye 2010, a year of colossal theft made from Indian exchequers. Inflation touched to 14.44%, the highest ever in last 10 weeks. Which will be much higher as the rise of diesel and LPG price is knocking at the door.  Subsidy on fertilizer minimised and freight charge on the same has increased. Deceitful propaganda to control price rise making us bewildered with a hope that India is going to be a superpower. Media is highlighting the news of visit of foreign leaders, speculating to attain permanent membership in UN. On the contrary the Supreme Court slammed the government for rotting of million tons of food grains for lack of proper public distribution system. People of Bharat are being sandwiched in various political ideology and lagging behind to raise the voice of protest against hunger and discrimination. Hence, amusement channels comes in rescue of the authority be engaging the ‘aam-admi’ in TV serials.  The time has come to be cautious before the anger will ooze out as a Vesuvius irruption. 

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