Thursday, January 27, 2011


It is a matter of fact that last few years there is a hue and cry inside the PCC of W.B. for prestigious alliance with TMC. Normally an alliance stands on mutual trust and understanding of the ally. There may be some long term or short term common agenda or programme to attain a goal. But the term ‘prestigious alliance’ or ‘alliance with practise’ was unheard in politics so far.  Unfortunately, ‘prestige’ is not a commodity.  One has to acquire this with his work or behaviour.  On the contrary, repeated hankering for reciprocate prestige from TMC ridicules prestige of the leadership of PCC (W.B).   

          It can’t be denied that at present political scenario of W.B, TMC has proved to be real threat to left-front government in elections.  Active support of left front in the 1st. UPA Government made congress irrelevant as an opposition. Whole opposition ideology has gathered together under the leadership of TMC with a common interest to end the regime of left-front government and to see Smt. Mamata Banerjee as CM.  In this situation Congress will be no where if they not stand as ally of TMC.  Moreover, to perpetuate its revenge, congress high command won’t hesitate to join hands with TMC to thrash CPI (M). At the same time, as the second largest ally of UPA, congress never makes Smt. Banerjee annoyed to de-stable the UPA government.

          The PCC leadership should ask them; so far the high command has paid any respect to their views from the ground reality! Have they thought about future of the party when majority of their rank and file joined at TMC? Visibly TMC is fighting against CPI (M) but their immediate foe is congress.  As long as congress is viable in the state, TMC could not establish its doctrine.  As a matter of fact, congress high command is eager to secure its position at centre, at the cost of so-called prestige of regional leadership. Their thirst for ‘prestige’ will vanish in to the blue consequent to the seat adjustment with TMC by the high command.

          After all speculations, final verdict will come from the people of W.B. Although TMC is adamant to perish CPI (M) from W.B, the attempt will be in vain in spite of its defeat in election. The victory of TMC won’t be a boon for congress as they will be at the mercy of the suprimo. In case of defeat, within no time, they will be kicked back as a traitor.  Both the cases the broken heart supporters and organisers will find out their shelter in TMC. Hence, the forthcoming assembly election in W.B. is an acid test for left front as well as
CPI (M).  And is a battle of existence with ‘prestige’ for 125 years old congress in West Bengal.   

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


  1. SC pulls up Govt. on black money issue – by Dhananjay Mahapatra, TNN, Jan 19, 2011,
12.29 pm IST.
2.       Legalities stop us from disclosing black money information: Pranab – by PTI, Jan25, 2011, 01.43 pm IST.

It is known to all that the issue of ‘black money’ has caused a headache to Congress led UPA Government.  So far it could not resolve the strategy to face the opposition in budget session. The CWG scam temporarily evaded with the shield of Suresh Kalmadi.  Maharastra C.M. had to resign from his post In Adarsha Housing Society scam to give a breath to his party. But 2G Spectrum scam have made a jolt. The matter was not settled by the resignation of the minister of ally DMK. Opposition parties not gave up the demand of JPC yet. The flaw in the economic policy made the price escalation of onion and other eatables. It is quite sure, the comment of SC on discloser the facts of foreign bank account is another punch for UPA.    
The term ‘black money’ is familiar to us. It generates from illegal practices to evade tax. So it can be inferred that the beneficiaries of those scams, as referred above, are the recipients of ‘black money’ which has kept in their Swiss and German bank accounts in secret names. It is a matter of prestige for the reach Indians to operate secret bank accounts in Swiss banks followed by corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. As per a recent report, approximately $1,456 BILLION is posses by Indians. But the government had no urge to enact any law to recover the money from foreign secret bank account. It is true that due to international pressure, the Swiss government agreed to disclose the names of the account holders only if the respective governments formally asked for it.  But the Indian government is not asking for the details, on the contrary expressing its inability for ‘Legalities’.   

But it is a real fix, when Mr Pranab Mukherjee raised the plea of ‘legalities’; SC  said the government was wrong in treating black money as a tax issue when it was simple and pure theft of the Indian economy. “It is a pure and simple theft of the national money. We are talking about mind-boggling crime. We are not on the niceties of various treaties," remarked a bench comprising justices B Sudershan Reddy and S S Nijjar. Do we believe that statement of Mr. Mukherjee is more convincing to the country men, except his party followers, than the findings of SC? AT present he is the only face to defend all scandals of government. Has he enough confidence to say that none of his party hierarchy or ministers and partners of the UPA, except Dr. Manmohan Singh, has no account in Swiss or German banks under scan? 

The same statement should come from every political party. If there is a political will to unearth the truth, it will be easier to find out the modalities to recover black money and disclose the name of offenders.       

Thursday, January 20, 2011


An intellectual is a person who uses intelligence (thought and reason) and critical or analytical reasoning in either a professional or a personal capacity.

But the term ‘intellectual’ is commonly used to identify a handful eminent personalities of the society those who are by profession painter, singer, actor, writer, social-activists or educationist. Considering the meaning of the term, those fellows should not be considered as ‘intellectual’. But most of them fill pompous as they are termed so by media for their commercial interest.  Basically the performance in their field made them familiar to public and authorized them as an ‘intellectual’ by the grace of Media. It does not mean rest of the society has no intellect.  
Recently, not as an individual but behind the banner of ‘intellectual’, some of them are too much active to ooze out their political motive on electronic media as well as in open meetings. Actually, they were highlighted for some specific reasons to serve, with the expectation, to influence public opinion.  Unfortunately, at present, the so called ‘intellectuals’ of Bengal belongs two opposite camps and infighting each other like professional politicians. A panel of such so called ‘intellectuals’ were inducted into different advisory committees of the government, with a lucrative allowances and perquisite as award for their relentless support to a particular political party in power. They not only justify their political appointments but also not ashamed to propagate the political agenda in favour of their appointee.  They enjoy the privilege of direct participation in political activities, which is offensive to a government employee under pay roll.  Yes, they are really intelligent. They claimed themselves as self style representatives of the people who in favour to see Smt. Mamata Banerjee as CM. They are taking remuneration from different government departments and campaigning in favour of Smt. Banerjee but declined to admit as a supporter of her party.
In continuation to the first Para of this write-up, it is to say, that our ‘intellectuals’ have enough intelligence and analytical reasoning  only to propagate certain political agenda in a personal capacity at the cost of public money and to achieve some prize posts.  

Saturday, January 15, 2011


There is a common opinion that Left movement of W.B. made this state backward in industrialization. The trade union movements forced the industrialist to shift their industry out of Bengal. It is true to say that ideology of class struggle of left politics marked the industrialist anti- labor. At the same time, the capitalists were also scared, as they were friendly to Congress. The work of land-reform made left front popular among rural land-less population who had no right on the land during Congress rule. At the same time, made sections of people foe, whose land was taken for ‘barga’.   
The central – state relationship was not congenial for getting central sanctions.  It was not easy for the W.B. Govt. to get sanctions for the projects of Haldia and Bakreshwar. In spite of any vital industrial investment in the state, left-front government came into power for the 7th. time with an absolute majority. As per their election manifestation the left government focused on industrialization to generate employment. By this time, the left leadership realized ‘Capital’ has no cast and without its investment into industry, there is no scope to generate employment.  But all the parties in left- front were not ready to accept the process of industrialization; even the party members of CPIM were not well equipped for pursuing people where land was acquired for factories.  Knowing fully well that Bengali as a whole are sentimental to land  and comfortable in their present status, the opposition took no time to capitalize the sentiment  against CPIM and succeeded.  After a long period, a boon in industrializations was anticipated.  Increasing market in rural Bengal, cheap and quality labor, and liberalized approach of the left government made Industrialist eager to invest in this state. But the possibility comes to an end with a motto to irradiate CPIM from Bengal because, in spite of its vices, successful implementation of ‘industrialization policy’, could keep the ruling party for another 30 years to rule.

The peculiar characteristics of Bengalis is that they feel proud to condemn themselves, happy to criticize others and last of all put blame on to the authority, as the case may be, by ignoring his responsibility.  It is not the failure or success of any particular government in terms of development, unless the people really want so.  When the spot light of industrial investment is on Gujrat, the critics of this state happy to see it as the failure of Left government but don’t see the motivation of Gujraties as a whole on the issue of development of their state.  It is a curse of Bengal that Left government of W.B took two decades to resolve its stand, after fall of Soviet, over capitalism.  The effort should be started earlier.  Still there is a little hope; the market will force the investors to come forward if present political turmoil comes to an end.            

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Rise of Smt. Mamata Banerjee was at the cost of Congress.  As a result of inner politics a section  in congress proposed her as the president of Pradesh Congress Committee. As refused by the high command they formed TMC under the leadership of Smt. Banerjee. Actually, she wanted her supremacy in the party beyond the power of high command. Her clean image in comparison to contemporary leadership made her popular among congress-men. 
During the tenure of left front, the colonial attitude and lifestyle of some of the leaders and workers of the left parties made the common men away from them.  The apathy and grievances against CPI(M) made some section of people inclined towards Smt. Mamata Banerjee. Her simple life style and fighting attitude against CPI(M), who sometimes claimed to be real communist, made her popular within a short time. Allergy in red colour made her a branded rival of CPI(M). To show her hatred in red, she never touches liker tea.  On the contrary to gain more popularity she took up the slogans of the left and intensified her land based politics which was the main weapon of CPI(M) for its popularity.  But her restless attitude and unstable political alliance with the national parties barred her to come in power of W.B.  
In the present political scenario the Congress has no other option but to stick with Mamata, knowing fully well that, they will be thrown away in the dustbin, if the desired victory is attend by her. On the contrary, if she could not win the election, they will be stamped as a betrayer.  Past experience of BJP and other alliances in the episode of Nandigram and Singur indicate same fate for Congress.  At present she needs the help of Sri Pranab Mukherjee and Planning Commission for showcasing her various railway projects for drawing popular votes in her favour.  There is every possibility to relinquish her office after attaining the post of CM, as she desires, to show that her party is not hankering for power.  Actually, it will be difficult for her to fulfill commitments made when industrial growth rate shows negative trained and public investors not shown their interest to invest in her projects.  Eventually, it will be easier for her to blame the central government for their incompetence.
The result of forthcoming assembly election is crucial for not only W.B. but also for the Congress. It is fact that people of Bengal is more emotional than pragmatic. Most of the privileged urban Bengalis made up their mind in the morning with a glimpse of head line stores in print media as well as to watch news on TV.  Unfortunately, both the media have been polarized distinctly.  Where there is a huge wave of ‘parivartan’ established successfully by the media, it is difficult to predict how the intelligentsia of Bengal will act.  But last two years experience may be helpful for the urban Bengalis to cast their vote.                   

Monday, January 10, 2011


We have to admit that the owners of IPL will invest on ‘wining horse’. It is a part of business.  Cricketers have agreed to auction them on market price. Saurav Ganguly fixed his minimum bidding rate which was much higher than it was determined earlier. If the bidders don’t agree to purchase him in that rate they can’t be blamed.  The issue should not be judged on emotional ground. He is a good fighter through out his carrier. His contribution in Indian cricket could not be auctioned. He is not at the mercy of the multi billionaires who made this game to make their money. Dada, cricket lovers are with you.  We salute your fighting spirit.  


The colonial attitude and lifestyle of some of the leaders and workers of the left parties made the common men away from them.  The apathy and grievances against CPIM made some section of people inclined towards Smt. Mamata Banerjee.  The simple life style and fighting attitude of Smt. Banerjee, who sometimes claimed to be real communist made her popular within a short time. Allergy in red colour made her a branded rival of CPIM. To show her hatred in red, she never touches liker tea.  On the contrary to gain more popularity she took up the slogans of the left and intensified her land based politics which was the main weapon of CPIM for its popularity.  This is the high for the anti communist force, backed by the capitalist and imperialistic, to strike out CPIM.  It is a heard time for CPIM to regain faith of the people who elected them in seven consecutive elections.  At the same time the party has to counter the opponent politically. They have to stick on the principles and to fight for the people against price rise, corruption and deceitful propaganda by consolidating its own strength.
The duo character of Smt. Banerjee is being exposed as she has claimed herself as a pro-people and working for the interest of capitalist by without raising her voice against the issues of price rise and colossal scams of her own government.  Her only motto is to irradiate CPIM from Bengal, so no one should be here to hold ‘red-flag’.
It is to believe that the people of W.B. will stay with the left if they could rectify themselves and come closer to the people.