Monday, January 10, 2011


The colonial attitude and lifestyle of some of the leaders and workers of the left parties made the common men away from them.  The apathy and grievances against CPIM made some section of people inclined towards Smt. Mamata Banerjee.  The simple life style and fighting attitude of Smt. Banerjee, who sometimes claimed to be real communist made her popular within a short time. Allergy in red colour made her a branded rival of CPIM. To show her hatred in red, she never touches liker tea.  On the contrary to gain more popularity she took up the slogans of the left and intensified her land based politics which was the main weapon of CPIM for its popularity.  This is the high for the anti communist force, backed by the capitalist and imperialistic, to strike out CPIM.  It is a heard time for CPIM to regain faith of the people who elected them in seven consecutive elections.  At the same time the party has to counter the opponent politically. They have to stick on the principles and to fight for the people against price rise, corruption and deceitful propaganda by consolidating its own strength.
The duo character of Smt. Banerjee is being exposed as she has claimed herself as a pro-people and working for the interest of capitalist by without raising her voice against the issues of price rise and colossal scams of her own government.  Her only motto is to irradiate CPIM from Bengal, so no one should be here to hold ‘red-flag’.
It is to believe that the people of W.B. will stay with the left if they could rectify themselves and come closer to the people.

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