Thursday, January 13, 2011


Rise of Smt. Mamata Banerjee was at the cost of Congress.  As a result of inner politics a section  in congress proposed her as the president of Pradesh Congress Committee. As refused by the high command they formed TMC under the leadership of Smt. Banerjee. Actually, she wanted her supremacy in the party beyond the power of high command. Her clean image in comparison to contemporary leadership made her popular among congress-men. 
During the tenure of left front, the colonial attitude and lifestyle of some of the leaders and workers of the left parties made the common men away from them.  The apathy and grievances against CPI(M) made some section of people inclined towards Smt. Mamata Banerjee. Her simple life style and fighting attitude against CPI(M), who sometimes claimed to be real communist, made her popular within a short time. Allergy in red colour made her a branded rival of CPI(M). To show her hatred in red, she never touches liker tea.  On the contrary to gain more popularity she took up the slogans of the left and intensified her land based politics which was the main weapon of CPI(M) for its popularity.  But her restless attitude and unstable political alliance with the national parties barred her to come in power of W.B.  
In the present political scenario the Congress has no other option but to stick with Mamata, knowing fully well that, they will be thrown away in the dustbin, if the desired victory is attend by her. On the contrary, if she could not win the election, they will be stamped as a betrayer.  Past experience of BJP and other alliances in the episode of Nandigram and Singur indicate same fate for Congress.  At present she needs the help of Sri Pranab Mukherjee and Planning Commission for showcasing her various railway projects for drawing popular votes in her favour.  There is every possibility to relinquish her office after attaining the post of CM, as she desires, to show that her party is not hankering for power.  Actually, it will be difficult for her to fulfill commitments made when industrial growth rate shows negative trained and public investors not shown their interest to invest in her projects.  Eventually, it will be easier for her to blame the central government for their incompetence.
The result of forthcoming assembly election is crucial for not only W.B. but also for the Congress. It is fact that people of Bengal is more emotional than pragmatic. Most of the privileged urban Bengalis made up their mind in the morning with a glimpse of head line stores in print media as well as to watch news on TV.  Unfortunately, both the media have been polarized distinctly.  Where there is a huge wave of ‘parivartan’ established successfully by the media, it is difficult to predict how the intelligentsia of Bengal will act.  But last two years experience may be helpful for the urban Bengalis to cast their vote.                   

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