Thursday, January 27, 2011


It is a matter of fact that last few years there is a hue and cry inside the PCC of W.B. for prestigious alliance with TMC. Normally an alliance stands on mutual trust and understanding of the ally. There may be some long term or short term common agenda or programme to attain a goal. But the term ‘prestigious alliance’ or ‘alliance with practise’ was unheard in politics so far.  Unfortunately, ‘prestige’ is not a commodity.  One has to acquire this with his work or behaviour.  On the contrary, repeated hankering for reciprocate prestige from TMC ridicules prestige of the leadership of PCC (W.B).   

          It can’t be denied that at present political scenario of W.B, TMC has proved to be real threat to left-front government in elections.  Active support of left front in the 1st. UPA Government made congress irrelevant as an opposition. Whole opposition ideology has gathered together under the leadership of TMC with a common interest to end the regime of left-front government and to see Smt. Mamata Banerjee as CM.  In this situation Congress will be no where if they not stand as ally of TMC.  Moreover, to perpetuate its revenge, congress high command won’t hesitate to join hands with TMC to thrash CPI (M). At the same time, as the second largest ally of UPA, congress never makes Smt. Banerjee annoyed to de-stable the UPA government.

          The PCC leadership should ask them; so far the high command has paid any respect to their views from the ground reality! Have they thought about future of the party when majority of their rank and file joined at TMC? Visibly TMC is fighting against CPI (M) but their immediate foe is congress.  As long as congress is viable in the state, TMC could not establish its doctrine.  As a matter of fact, congress high command is eager to secure its position at centre, at the cost of so-called prestige of regional leadership. Their thirst for ‘prestige’ will vanish in to the blue consequent to the seat adjustment with TMC by the high command.

          After all speculations, final verdict will come from the people of W.B. Although TMC is adamant to perish CPI (M) from W.B, the attempt will be in vain in spite of its defeat in election. The victory of TMC won’t be a boon for congress as they will be at the mercy of the suprimo. In case of defeat, within no time, they will be kicked back as a traitor.  Both the cases the broken heart supporters and organisers will find out their shelter in TMC. Hence, the forthcoming assembly election in W.B. is an acid test for left front as well as
CPI (M).  And is a battle of existence with ‘prestige’ for 125 years old congress in West Bengal.   

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